Common Name: False goats beard, false spirea, meadowsweet 

Hardiness zone: 4-8
Exposure: Full sun/ part shade

Flower: A feathery plume of flower clusters on tall stalks, which stay in bloom for several weeks and fade in color as they dry.
Leaves: Lacy/ fern like

Landscaping: Borders, large containers, as well as waters edge
Planting: In spring or fall. 1-3' apart, 12-15" deep. Humus rich soil
Maintenance: Very little. Cut flowers as desired, they may be left on the plant to dry as well. Cut back dried foliage in spring

arendsii Amethyst
arendsii Bridal Veil
arendsii Cattleya
arendsii Country & Western
arendsii Erika
arendsii Fanal
arendsii Glow
arendsii Granat
arendsii Hyacinth
arendsii Spinell
arendsii Rhythm & Blues
chinensis Maggie Daly

chinensis taquetii Peach
chinensis taquetii Superba
chinensis Veronica Klose
chinensis Visions
chinensis Visions in Pink
chinensis Visions in Red
japonica Deutschland
japonica Europa
japonica Lollypop
japonica Montgomery
japonica Peach Blossom
japonica Rheinland
japonica Washington
simplicifolia Hennie Graafland
simplicifolia Key Biscayne
simplicifolia Key Largo
simplicifolia Key West
simplicifolia Sprite
thunbergii Ostrich Plume



Astilbe bridal veil

Bridal Veil